about Terry Kruse

Terry has always been creative and her first career was as a graphic designer/marketing professional. She owned and operated a freelance business for 25+ years and the majority of her clients were home builders and condo developers.Terry and her husband Mark, have bought, renovated, rented and sold several homes over the years and through every renovation the couple considered the resale value when doing repairs. The couple are presently living in their latest renovation project.Terry is also a visual artist with big, bold abstracts and was ecstatic when one of her large pieces went to Florida! Her art site is TerryKruse.com.

She can be seen walking her dog Harley in and around Calgary.


Mark and I (Terry – your eco friend) have always been eco enthusiasts and dream of one day building and living in an off-grid home. A few years ago we renovated a log home on 15 acres just outside of Calgary. This was a huge renovation and took just under 2 years to complete. The home was sold shortly after completion. Living and working in the home was an awesome experience and helped us to understand more about what you can do to make your home greener.

We were able to put in solar thermal (a heating system that included solar hot water),  a HRV, quality insulation in the ceiling, all new windows, low VOC (volatile organic compound or a generally unhealthy substance) finishes, low flow faucets and dual flush toilets as well as other eco-friendly elements into the home.

A few years later Mark and I had an opportunity to visit over 50 green and eco-friendly homes in Canada and the USA. Several of the people visited overcame opposition or they found a way to do it anyway. I created an eco blog with tips and storeys from this experience and always meant to do a book. yourecofriend.com was created with storeys from this trip and surprisingly is still up and still gets over 200 visits a month without ads or advertising. My new plan is to do a book of ECO tips and tricks much in the style of ReSale Ready. Look for it here in the next few months.

Terry Kruse 403.836.7774 | terry@ikreate.ca